Alaska Health Fair Northern Region’s Program Director Sharon Phillips and her team has recently put together a comprehensive health education display at the Noel Wien Library in the Fairbanks North Star Borough. This large lighted display is visible as you enter the main library complex, and is easily viewed through a 12 ½ ft x 6 ½ ft x 2 ft glass enclosed case. The display features three distinct sections of health education:

The first section contains a flag showing Alaska Health Fair’s name and local number, a spring information flier, and a blown up QR code for pre-scheduling a blood test appointment. This section also provides height/weight/bmi and exercise education.

The second section has some of Alaska Health Fair’s health education lending library items, such as blue boards, stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, pulse oximeters, models, CPR education, and agency brochures.

The third section includes diabetes and nutrition displays, models, and health education. At the bottom of the case, you’ll find reading material such as Senior Voice and Alaska Pulse, which feature written articles, ads, and more about the agency. You’ll also find information about the importance of daily hydration.

Don’t miss this opportunity to view Alaska Health Fair’s comprehensive health education display at the Noel Wien Library. The items you’ll see are just a small sampling of what is available at the agency’s health fairs, where visitors can receive affordable, comprehensive blood tests and free health screenings, as well as health education and exhibitors from various agencies. Take a few moments to benefit from this amazing display!

Submitted by AHF Fairbanks Office Team

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Get Affordable, Comprehensive Blood Tests at AHF Health Fairs

Thousands of Alaskans take advantage of AHF‘s affordable blood tests each year. We offer this service in partnership with a topranking clinical laboratory used by local providers, and offered through AHF at nonprofit pricing.

  • 27 panels – Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Screen – covers infection, anemia, liver disease, clotting ability, kidney and adrenal function, liver function, bone disease, tissue disease or damage, heart function, liver function, muscle function, coronary heart disease, & more – $45
  • Thyroid Screen – $35
  • Prostate Disease Screen – $25
  • Vitamin D Screen – $50
  • A1C diabetes – $25
  • Blood Typing – $20
  • More tests and details on our website,

People with diabetes should not fast. Check with your medical provider for specific recommendations. You are encouraged todrinkplenty of water and continue to take prescription medications. Credit cards, cash, and checks are accepted, and results aremaileddirectly to you within 3 weeks. View detailed test descriptions.

About Alaska Health Fair, Inc. 

Alaska Health Fair has been a trusted resource for the Alaska community since 1980. Our unique event model allows attendees to access free health education, free health screenings, and private, comprehensive, affordable blood tests. Every year, thousands of Alaskans attend our events in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau and many other communities throughout the state. Come and join us to learn about the health and wellness resources available in your community; make attending Alaska Health Fair a family tradition!