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AHF covered in AK Business Monthly

AHF covered in Alaska Business Monthly

Why come to AHF Health Fairs?

Alaska Health Fair (AHF) is a nonprofit providing Health Fairs statewide since 1980.

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Blood Tests

Get the complete picture with one of our “Wellness Packages” or order tests individually. Blood tests available at all health fairs.

  • Blood chemistry screen – (27 panels) – covers infection, anemia, liver disease, clotting ability, kidney and adrenal function, liver function, bone disease, tissue disease and damage, heart function, liver function, muscle function, and lipids (coronary heart disease) (fasting 10 hrs.) – 45
  • Thyroid screen – 35
  • Prostate disease screen – 25
  • Vitamin D screen (D2, D3) – 50
  • A1C diabetes – 25
  • Blood typing – 20
  • Vitamin B12 – 35
  • Ferritin – 35
  • Testosterone (men) – 55


Men’s Wellness Package – includes Chemistry/Hematology Profile (Infection, Anemia, Liver Disease, Clotting ability, Kidney and adrenal function, Liver function, Bone disease, Tissue disease or damage, Heart function, Liver function, Muscle function, Coronary heart disease (lipids)), Thyroid Screen (Thyroid function), Vitamin D Screen (Bone metabolism, Parathyroid function), A1C Screen (Diabetes, Glucose), and Prostate Disease Screen (fasting 10hrs.) – 180.


Women’s Wellness Package – includes Chemistry/Hematology Profile (Infection, Anemia, Liver Disease, Clotting ability, Kidney and adrenal function, Liver function, Bone disease, Tissue disease or damage, Heart function, Liver function, Muscle function, Coronary heart disease (lipids)), Thyroid Screen (Thyroid function), Vitamin D Screen (Bone metabolism, Parathyroid function), and A1C Screen (Diabetes, Glucose) (fasting 10 hrs.) – 155.

Click here for detailed descriptions of tests. Results mailed directly to you within 2-3 weeks. Credit cards, cash, and check accepted. Testing available for persons 18 years of age and older.

Schedule of Health Fairs

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No appointment necessary. No online registration required. Simply come to the event. Bring your family and friends. Everyone's welcome! New to Health Fairs? Click here to learn what to expect.

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Cannot Wait for a Health Fair?

We offer in-office blood draws in Anchorage and Fairbanks. Same prices and blood tests as at the fairs. However, we charge a $10 office visit fee that we use to pay the Phlebotomist. Please don't hesitate to call us with any questions.

  • Anchorage - blood tests in the office are on pause until December because of the high volume of Health Fairs this season. Please check out the event schedule above and come to one of our events for a blood draw. We have multiple events planned in Anchorage.  In December, office draws will resume on Tuesdays from 9am to 11am. Location: Alaska Health Fair, 720 W. 58th Ave. Unit J, Anchorage, AK 99518. Please call (907) 278-0234 to confirm availability and to set an appointment.
  • Fairbanks - blood tests in the office will take place on the following days, from 9am to 11am: Sept. 10th, Nov. 19th, and Dec. 3rd. Location: Alaska Health Fair @ Fairbanks Community Food Bank building, 725 26th Ave., Suite 201, Fairbanks, Alaska 99701. Please call (907) 374-6853 to confirm availability and to set an appointment.

Health Fairs Save Lives

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