Fellow Alaskans, health enthusiasts, and community-builders!

Have you ever dreamt of making a palpable impact on the well-being of people in your community? Do you wish to engage, inspire, and motivate those around you to lead healthier lives? Then look no further! Alaska Health Fair, Inc., a nonprofit delivering Health Fairs statewide since 1980, invites YOU to be part of our grand mission of nurturing the health and wellness of Alaskans.

Welcome New and Returning Exhibitors!

We are thrilled to open our doors and hearts to local community organizations, government agencies, wellness, and healthcare providers to exhibit FOR FREE at our various health fair events. Here’s why you should seize this incredible opportunity:

Make a Mark on Your Community

With thousands of attendees across Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, and many other Alaskan communities, our Health Fairs present a unique opportunity for you to educate and enlighten the public about the importance of health and wellness. Share valuable information, demonstrate your products, and forge lasting connections.

📝 Easy Application Process

Simply fill out our Application Form. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

🎤 Captivate Your Audience: Tips for Creating an Engaging Exhibit

Our AHF staff, with decades of experience, have tailor-made a series of recommendations to make your exhibit stand out. From hosting interactive demonstrations to offering free prize drawings, we’ve got you covered. Read our tips here!

📣 Reach Thousands Through Our Newsletter and Facebook Posts

Our digital reach spans over thousands of active subscribers Facebook followers. Don’t miss the chance to introduce your business or nonprofit through a short article related to safety and/or health and about your organization and offerings. Send your inquiries to ed@alaskahealthfair.org.

🤝 About Exhibitor Opportunities

At Alaska Health Fair, we believe in the power of education and connection. You are not just setting up a booth; you are contributing to a movement that seeks to empower individuals with knowledge and affordable preventative screenings.

If you work in healthcare or wellness, our Health Fairs can help you grow your practice, connect with the local community, and elevate your cause. AHF does not diagnose any disease and always recommends taking blood test results to a healthcare provider. Only a healthcare provider sees a complete picture of one’s health.

Join Us Now and Change Lives!

Become a beacon of health and hope in your community. Embrace this chance to contribute to a healthier Alaska. Together, we are building bridges, spreading knowledge, and creating a future where health and wellness is front and center.

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The AHF Team 🌿