We were pleasantly surprised to have a very special visitor at our Fairbanks office on Valentine’s Day…

Someone who is a local, national and international celebrity….

– Santa Claus! Yes, we said “Santa Claus!”

Santa Claus near his home

Santa called up our office and made an appointment to take advantage of our affordable blood tests. Santa has given permission for us to mention that he has visited our North Pole Health Fair in past years and is a big fan of our events (now you know where to look for him…). He arrived early looking bright and cheery; wearing a North Pole hat, heavy winter jacket, and carrying his walking cane. We cannot attest to the type of transportation that Santa used to get to our office, but anything was possible on that day, and the magic was in the air.

Santa insisted that we let the readers know that yes, Santa takes time to take care of his own health needs, too. Santa doesn’t just say “Be Good”, but he also says “do your best to Be Healthy.

AHF had to attach a note to Santa’s blood work, so that our lab knows this was not a joke, and they were providing services to the “genuine Santa Claus.” Now we can say with 100 percent certainty, Santa does exist and he lives in North Pole, Alaska.

* * *

Now you can tell all your friends that you and Santa go to the same Health Fairs. Not many people on this planet can say that. By the way, Health Fairs are happening right now – please see our event schedule at www.alaskahealthfair.org.

Visit Santa’s Facebook Page, click here.