Consider becoming a Superhero to help Alaska Health Fair save lives.

For as little as $1you can join our Family of Superheroes and receive a 5% discount on all tests at any AHF Health Fair for you and all your friends and family in the Fall 2015/Spring 2016.

Alaska Health Fairs, Inc. has been serving Alaskans for generations, since 1980, providing health fairs in Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks and 50 other communities. Around 35,000 people attend our health fairs each year to learn about their health, talk to medical professionals, and take advantage of timesaving, affordable blood tests.

We are inviting you to join our Family of Superheroes – a family of people who support free health education and preventative screenings for all Alaskans.

For as little as $1, you can become a Superhero and help us save lives. As a thank-you, you will receive a 5% discount on comprehensive blood screenings for you and all your friends and family, at any AHF Health Fair!

If you are a business or nonprofit, you will get access to meaningful benefits. You will be able to grow your organization and cause by connecting with thousands of Alaskans who are interested in health and wellness. Click here for details.