For all you poetry lovers out there, here’s a poem from Alaska Health Fair about the importance of looking after your kidneys during National Kidney Month. It’s a simple and fun way to learn about the five healthy steps you can take to protect your kidneys and keep them healthy. #NationalKidneyMonth #KidneyHealth #KidneyAwareness #KidneyDiseaseAwareness #KidneyDiseasePrevention #alaskahealthfair

Kidneys, oh kidneys, our trusty teams,
We want you to stay in your best beams.
So take heed to what the National Kidney Foundation’s saying
Five healthy steps will keep your kidneys playing.

Get tested, that’s number one,
If you have diabetes, blood pressure or are over sixty, let’s get it done.
NSAIDs, cut back on those,
And processed foods, let’s take a break and go cold turkey, I suppose.

Exercise, exercise, exercise,
Get your heart pumping, and increase your self-confidence.
Blood pressure and diabetes, don’t let them be,
Manage them well, and keep your kidneys happy.

Alaska Health Fair, they have the CMP
It’s a simple blood test that’ll help you see,
Kidneys, liver, protein and sugar,
Let’s do the test, and keep our bodies in order.

So let’s make sure our kidneys stay strong and healthy
By taking five steps, that’s easy and stealthy.
Kidneys, oh kidneys, we’ll keep you in shape,
To keep us healthy for years to come, that’s our fate. 😘


Alaska Health Fair is a nonprofit, delivering affordable blood screenings and health education statewide since 1980. Visit for more information, pricing, and the event schedule.