This month Alaska Health Fair, Inc. is highlighting the Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska. Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska is a state wide non-profit with five offices around the state. Joan Adams, the Educational Specialist at the Fairbanks office, has been an exhibitor at AHF Health Fairs throughout the region for about 10 years. She and her daughter, an enthusiastic supporter of her mom and frequently helps Joan set up her display, are always friendly and engaging. I recently spoke with Joan on her experience at an AHF event. She responded that, though she may not have a large number of people stop by her table, those that do inevitably have a family member with multiple issues and greatly appreciate the resources and information she can provide them with.

The Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska offers Consultations, Memory Screening, and Support Groups for care-partners, groups/classes for individuals with memory loss, classes open to the community, professional classes for continuing education credits, and Mini-Grants for those who have been diagnosed with some form of dementia.

In addition, Joan recently had AHF staff over to the Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska Fairbanks office to participate in the Virtual Dementia Tour. The Virtual Dementia Tour was developed by P.K. Belville of Second Wind Dreams and “provides participants with an experiential simulation to help understand what dementia may be like. Participants will develop a greater understanding of the challenges faced daily by those with dementia and how behaviors can be viewed as coping strategies.” All of the staff from Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska who guide the tour received special training. This is a “must do” experience for those who are caregivers for Alzheimer’s patients. Those interested can call 452-2277 to schedule the Virtual Dementia Tour at the Fairbanks office. It is available in all five of the state offices and can be scheduled by contacting the office in your area or the 1-800-478-1080 statewide number.

By Heather Guess, AHF Volunteer, Tanana Valley & Northern Region Program in Fairbanks


Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska
1-800-478-1080, toll-free within the state
Multiple locations


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