There’s never a bad time to get started with a new exercise routine. That said, sometimes it’s easier to think of the idea than actually put it into action. Whether it’s finding the time, pushing yourself physically, or even figuring out what exercises you want to focus on, there are plenty of obstacles that can get in the way. But if you take some time in the beginning to figure out a simple, straightforward program, you might just find that you’re better able to stick to it and reach your exercise goals.

So, whether you’re looking for new ways to exercise while stuck at home in 2020, or you’re simply looking for a fresh routine that will work for you, here are some of our tips for how to get going.

Get Equipment You Want To Use

Think about why people enjoy their gym routines, and equipment and apparel actually play an important role. People like the yoga mats and weights they find at their gyms; they find certain machines they prefer to use; and in many cases they like putting on workout clothes and wearing good training shoes to get some physical work done. If you share these tendencies, you may find that equipment can also excite and inspire you at home.

This is something people have been talking about this year in particular, in fact — given how many people have been largely stuck at home. A piece on the subject of home workouts from The Daily Beast referred to the idea as “bringing you workout to you,” and that’s ultimately just what good equipment can accomplish. Whether it’s a set of weights, a cardio machine, or even just some shoes and apparel you’re excited to go running in, a few simple purchases can motivate you to stick to a new routine.

Try The Apps

Yes, the mantra that there’s an app for everything can grow tiresome. But when it comes to starting an exercise program, there are a number of apps that can be extraordinarily helpful. Some will help you to plan workouts and hold yourself accountable, and others will actually teach you exercises to do based on where you are, what you have at your disposal, and what your goals are. You might have to try a few before you find the app that’s right for you, but when you do it will be a valuable tool.

Invest In A Personal Trainer

While an app can work wonders, nothing will keep you going with a program or routine quite like a personal trainer. And rest assured, industry trends indicate that this kind of training is becoming more popular, as more people discover its benefits. A Maryville University breakdown for people studying for online exercise science degrees reveals that the current decade is expected to bring about a 13% increase in exercise physiologist jobs, and a 10% rise in personal trainers.

These numbers speak to the growing popularity of professional help for exercise — meaning this may be a more common idea than you think. And that popularity is growing because people tend to find that personal training works. Even now, if you remain stuck at home, finding a trainer who will work with you virtually might be what you need to stick to your routine.

Experiment With HIIT Workouts

HIIT stands for “high-intensity interval training.” It’s founded on the idea that short bursts of intense exercise can often burn calories more effectively than longer, more moderate exercise — and a lot of people find that it works just as expected. A survey of fitness professionals by the American College of Sports Medicine showed recently that HIIT is one of the “top fitness trends of 2020,” which gives you an idea of just how many people are giving it a shot. And this type of workout may be more useful now than ever, for those looking for home exercise routines. Plenty of HIIT workouts require very little in the way of equipment, and they’re also structured such that they can often be completed in half an hour or less.

Now, the HIIT format isn’t for everyone. These tend to be rigorous, demanding workouts. But the variety of HIIT programs out there, the minimalist nature of most of them, and the relatively little time they take can make them easier for some to stick to.

Give Yoga A Try

Our last tip (and one of the most valuable in our opinion) is to try yoga! In an article titled ‘Try Yoga For Stress Management’ we previously suggested that this is an excellent meditative tactic, and a means of reducing stress. But yoga is also excellent exercise that can build and tone muscle, burn fat, lower blood pressure, and more. In this case though, we’re also recommending it because it’s easier to stick to than some other exercise routines. You can do yoga in your bedroom, on a carpet, rug, or mat, and do it in your pajamas if you want to! All you need is a program you’re familiar with, or an app or video that can guide you through a routine — plus anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour a day.

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By: Razilee Jehanne

Razilee Jehanne is a fitness enthusiast and aspiring blogger who has made it her goal in life to make her readers healthier. She hopes that her articles and exercise programs will be the first step in a long journey to good health. When she isn’t at the gym or writing she likes to sail and climb.

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