Dear Clients, Partners, Volunteers, and Exhibitors,

Health Fairs & Affordable Blood Tests by Appointment will Resume in January. Please subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when the new schedule is published.

We would like to thank you for your continued support. We are proud to report that in 2021 Alaska Health Fair, with your help, delivered 107 health fairs statewide serving thousands of Alaskans in all corners of the state; welcomed new volunteers; welcomed a new board member; made some major improvements in the IT; and, welcomed several new organizations to host events in 2022.

We would like to thank our volunteers and health educators for making 2021 such a successful year. Health fairs are community events and would not be possible without the support of the local volunteers and health educators. We thank you!

We would like to thank our clients for their loyalty and continued financial support. AHF strives to be the source of free health education and affordable screenings. AHF works with LabCorp, one of the largest clinical laboratories in the nation and the world to bring you high-quality blood tests at nonprofit prices. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve you!

We wish you all safe and happy Holidays!

“May the Holidays bring Friends to your Fireside, Peace to your Pathway, and Success in your New Year” (Unknown Author)

Alaska Health Fair Team
Andrei, Betty, Sharon, Jodie, Leilah, Bobbie, Ron, Hundreds of Dedicated Volunteers and the Board of Directors