As health fair organizers with decades of experience, we’ve seen countless successful and memorable booths at the Alaska Health Fair events throughout the years. Here are a few tips to make your booth even more effective this season:

Host interactive demonstrations to engage Health Fair attendees and make your exhibit stand out from the crowd. Invite people to try something new and exciting – this will create a memorable experience and help attract others to your booth.

Give away promotional items related to the topic of your education. For example, if you’re promoting dental care, you can give away free floss with your contact information on it. Every time someone uses your giveaway item at home, they’ll remember your organization.

Promote your booth through the Alaska Health Fair Newsletter and Facebook page. Research shows a vast majority of attendees come to an event with a goal of visiting a specific booth, so be sure to do this promotion before your Health Fair. We encourage our exhibitors to submit a half-page educational article on a topic of their choice to be included in the AHF Newsletter and AHF Facebook Page. There’s no cost involved and you can send your request to ed (remove the extra space).

Take advantage of the new Event Program functionality on the Exhibitor Application Form. The Event Program is generated automatically for all events on the front page of our website. It provides an overview of all exhibitors expected at a particular health fair and includes the organization’s name, daytime phone number, mission, and an exhibitor description from your application form. It is essential that these Exhibitor Application fields accurately reflect the official description of your organization and services, and are free of grammatical and typographical errors. Event Program will enable health fair attendees to easily find information about your organization and find your exhibit at the fair.

Offer free prize drawings: a sports watch, a book, movie tickets, etc. People will be more likely to visit your booth if the item is desirable or fashionable. Be sure to secure explicit consent before you collect people’s personal information, like emails and phone numbers.

Use storytelling in your exhibit, printed materials, and giveaways to make your point and make your education more memorable (please take care not to violate our rules on graphic and political content).

Advertise your booth on your own Facebook/Twitter/other social media channels before the event. Post announcements and invite your followers to bring their friends to your booth. Offer them a positive reason to come over: a demonstration, a prize drawing, or a one-on-one talk or consultation. AHF events provide a friendly, pressure-free environment free from sales to connect with your audience.

Try one or two of these ideas this year to watch your results grow!

AHF Team

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Connect with Your Community: Exhibit at an AHF Health Fair!
Do you represent a healthcare organization, nonprofit, government agency, or other health and wellness organization? Exhibiting at AHF events is a great way to connect with the local populations and discuss important topics related to health and safety. Exhibitor space is always free, so don’t miss this opportunity! Follow this link to the Exhibitor Application for more information.
Make a Difference: Become an AHF Volunteer Today! 
Are you looking to make a difference in your local community? Join Alaska Health Fair as a volunteer and gain invaluable experience! Both medical and non-medical volunteers are needed, and volunteering at AHF meets continuing competency requirements for professional license renewal. Follow this link to the Volunteer Application for more details.
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