There is a unique partnership venue coming the way of the Fairbanks Community on Thursday, February 11th from 9am-5pm; and we want local residents to know of its fast approach and special offerings. To understand why we’ve partnered to produce a heart health educational event during a pandemic, you’ll need to understand the strong and storied relationship that the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN), Fairbanks Memorial Hospital (FMH), and Alaska Health Fair (AHF) have. These organizations have many decades of expertise – with the AACN founded in 1969, FMH in 1972 and Alaska Health Fair in 1980; so we’re providing you a little history of how we reached the point of planning this unique partnership event. We feel the special offerings are worth your attendance and it will take only about 20 minutes out of your busy day to receive some vital services and heart/stroke health education (see the flier for more information).

Foundation Health Partners (FMH) has partnered with Alaska Health Fair’s Tanana Valley/Northern Region (TVNR) Program for many decades; and happens to be one of our agency’s top annual donors (statewide). FMH has given strong support to the Fairbanks program to include free space at the hospital for a decade (until their clinic space needs outgrew their ability to do so), to annual sponsorship of the largest health fair in Alaska (for many years) and donating other major funds, to more recently providing smaller event and seasonal support (due to Covid-19). FMH also keeps their staff informed about AHF (supporting volunteering at local events). FMH keeps our 41 year old non-profit in mind for many supportive tasks such as performing annual inspections and proper calibration of the program’s 75 blood pressure cuffs (of various types). This two way partnership continues to stay strong and we build onto its strengths on a regular basis.

Our local director has participated in the FMH Interior Public Health Partners (IPHP) monthly meetings for 8 years and stays involved in many of their special functions, plus in 2019-2020 helped to develop the FMH bi-annual non-profit hospital plan. This included participation in four different committee subgroup categories of the Foundation Health Partners 2020-2022 Community Health Improvement Plan (called CHIP). This large group of community minded individuals from around the borough met for many months as part of the development, goal setting and planning process (in preparation for submission of the plan and national approval). The local director is participating in two subgroups as part of post-approval implementation of goals (Senior Care and Healthy Behaviors Work Teams). One of the Healthy Behaviors goals is to encourage local residents to attend an AHF event (written into their plan). The Long Term Goal of this group for the year 2030 is to: Reduce the incidence and long-term impacts of conditions such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and other chronic health conditions which can be causes of reduced qualify of life or premature mortality.

So, it was no surprise (considering the Healthy Behaviors 2030 goal) when FMH reached out to our local program and asked if the Fairbanks office would be willing to partner with the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) for a special event. The AACN is the largest nursing specialty group in the world; with over 200 chapters throughout the United States (and many more worldwide). The local chapter is looking forward to working with the public in this informative way and partnering with Alaska Health Fair. This special event (during a Pandemic) will follow all social distancing, masking, sanitizing and health precautions. A maximum number of on-site attendees (at any given time) will be strictly followed in multiple large suites. The Heart Healthy Day is free to the public and open to adults only (so please find alternate care for children if you’re planning to attend). The event concept was fully developed and is now being advertised through Radio PSA’s, newspaper and Facebook ads, plus colorful fliers, the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce and United Way of the Tanana Valley. Take a moment to review the event flier or call 374-6853 for event details or to ask any questions about our agency. Our staff and volunteers work in your local community and are dedicated to helping Alaskans to stay healthy! Please remember, “It’s Your Health – Take Care of It”; especially during these difficult times…

Please use this link to download the flyer.