Winter is here for another month, and the decreased amount of sunshine can lead to a vitamin D deficiency, which can cause a range of issues such as fatigue, bone pain, muscle weakness, increased sensitivity to pain, and even depression.

Vitamin D is both a nutrient you eat and a hormone your skin produces in response to sunlight. It plays a significant role in bone health by regulating calcium and phosphorus—two essential minerals that work together to build strong bones. Vitamin D is also used by your muscles, nerves and immune system. Studies have also found connections between low vitamin D levels and increased risk of depression.

The best way to know if you are deficient in vitamin D is to get a blood test. Alaska Health Fair offers Vitamin D2, D3 test ($50) at all of its events. This test evaluates how much vitamin D is stored in your body. Results from this test can help you and your healthcare provider determine a treatment plan, if necessary.

Don’t let a vitamin D deficiency keep you from feeling your best. Visit to make an appointment today and get your Vitamin D levels checked.

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Get Affordable, Comprehensive Blood Tests at AHF Health Fairs

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Thousands of Alaskans take advantage of AHF‘s affordable blood tests each year. We offer this service in partnership with a toprankingclinical laboratory used by local providers, and offered through AHF at nonprofit pricing.

  • 27 panels – Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Screen – covers infection, anemia, liver disease, clotting ability, kidney and adrenal function, liver function, bone disease, tissue disease or damage, heart function, liver function, muscle function, coronary heart disease, & more – $45
  • Thyroid Screen – $35
  • Prostate Disease Screen – $25
  • Vitamin D Screen – $50
  • A1C diabetes – $25
  • Blood Typing – $20
  • More tests and details on our website,

People with diabetes should not fast. Check with your medical provider for specific recommendations. You are encouragedtodrinkplentyofwater and continue to take prescription medications. Credit cards, cash, and checks are accepted, and resultsaremaileddirectly to youwithin3 weeks. View detailed test descriptions.

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