Happy Holidays!

It is almost the new year, and hopefully a much healthier one. Everyone here at Alaska Health Fair is looking forward to a fast-approaching 2021! We will continue using the “By Appointment Only” model for our events this Spring season, which has worked well during recent times.

We have organized several conference calls in January to get the word out on different volunteer opportunities. From “Meet and Greet” (registration), blood test registration, processing and helping in the blood draw area, and even the Lead Phlebotomist positions. We are hoping to explain the overall descriptions involved with each task.

We have a special link for selecting your preferred date/time/topic. Hopefully, we have something that fits your interests and busy schedule. Please reach out to one of the staff if there is something you’re interested in and the offered times just do not work for you.

Your choices are below. Click on the appropriate link and it will take you to the dates, choose which date you want, the then follow the directions. If you want to have a text reminder be sure to put in your cell phone number.

For current Lead Phlebotomists
Thursday 1-7-21 at 10am to 11am or Saturday 1-9-21 at 9am -10am https://calendly.com/program-directors-1/lead-phleb-updates2date-chioce

Current and Prospective Blood Draw Volunteers
Thursday 1-14-21 10am -11am or Saturday 1-23-21 at 9am -10 am https://calendly.com/program-directors-1/phlebs-and-new-phlebs–updates-2-day-choice-

Blood Test Registration
Wednesday 1-6-21 at 11am – 12pm or Thursday 1-21-21 at 5:30pm – 6:30 pm https://calendly.com/program-directors-1/blood-test-registration

Wednesday 1-13-21 at 5:30pm – 6:30pm or Thursday 1-21-21 at 11am-12 pm- https://calendly.com/program-directors-1/interested-in-processing—2-day-choice

Meet and Greet (Registration)
Wednesday 1-13-21 at 10:00am – 11am or Thursday 1-14-21 at 3:00pm -4:00pm https://calendly.com/program-directors-1/meet-and-greet

So, just like participants scheduling their blood draws, you will click on the date/time you want to join in on, and Calendly will walk you through the process. You will receive a reminder email and a text message, plus the ability to reschedule or cancel.

We look forward to your participation!

Sharon, Jodie, and Betty
Program Directors