Hello, Everyone!

We hope this finds you well and enjoying our beautiful Alaskan summer! We have been busy organizing the upcoming fall season and we would like to spend some time talking about different opportunities we have to offer this fall.

We will continue using the “By Appointment Only” model for our upcoming events. We will let you know in advance if there are any changes.

We have organized several conference calls to get the word out on different volunteer opportunities. From “Meet and Greet” (registration), blood test registration, processing and helping in the blood draw area, and even the Lead Phlebotomist positions. We are hoping to explain the overall descriptions involved with each task.

The special links for selecting your preferred date/time/topic are listed below. Hopefully, we have something that fits your interests and busy schedule. Please reach out to one of the staff if there is something you’re interested in and the offered times just do not work for you.

Do you know someone that would be interested in volunteering? Please share this information with them. We would love to have them join in!

If there is a call or calls you wish to attend but have a schedule conflict with the dates and times we have chosen, please let us know. We may be able to accommodate by an additional call.

Please click on the link for each call you would like to attend. We will follow up with an email with more specific information as we get closer to mid-august.

Meet & Greet Calls:

Tuesday August 17th 10am https://calendly.com/anchorage-office/meet-greet-call-10am-tuesday-8-17-21

Wednesday August 18th 2pm https://calendly.com/anchorage-office/meet-greet-call-2pm-8-18-21

Registration / Money Calls:

Tuesday August 17th 2pm https://calendly.com/anchorage-office/registration-money-call-2pm-8-17-21

Wednesday August 18th 6pm https://calendly.com/anchorage-office/registration-money-call-6pm-8-18-21

Blood Pressure / Checkout Calls:

Tuesday August 17th 6pm https://calendly.com/anchorage-office/check-out-bp-call-6pm-8-17-21

Wednesday August 18th 10am https://calendly.com/anchorage-office/check-out-bp-call-10am-8-18-21

Processing Specimens Calls:

Tuesday August 24th 10am https://calendly.com/anchorage-office/processing-call-10am-8-24-21

Wednesday August 25th 5pm https://calendly.com/anchorage-office/processing-call-5pm-8-25-21

Phlebotomists Calls:

Tuesday August 24th 5pm https://calendly.com/anchorage-office/phlebotomist-blood-draw-call

Wednesday August 25th 10am https://calendly.com/anchorage-office/phlebotomist-blood-draw-call-10am-8-25-21

Lead Phlebotomists Calls (active, new and prospective):

Thursday August 26th, both calls
10am- https://calendly.com/anchorage-office/lead-phlebotomist-call-10am-8-26-21

5pm- https://calendly.com/anchorage-office/lead-phlebotomist-call-5pm-8-26-21

The bulk of our schedule is up and active. Please fill out the new seasons application to volunteer when you have a free minute. https://alaskahealthfair.org/become-a-volunteer/

Not sure what conference call to sign up to? No worries! Simply give us a call, and we will gladly answer your questions – (907) 278-0234 for Anchorage/Statewide, (907) 374-6853 in Fairbanks, or (907) 723-5100 in Juneau.

AHF Program Directors – Betty, Sharon, and Jodie