Bethel HF 2-25-2012 101Fellow Alaskans and Visitors,
Good news! Alaska’s most comprehensive, most affordable quality blood tests (that we always offer at our Health Fairs) are now available at our Anchorage office.
Every Tuesday, by appointment only – please call (907) 278-0234 to schedule your visit. 

One organization asked us for a flyer to post in their offices. If you want one, please follow this link to download the flyer.
In-office blood tests will be offered until the end of September or so. Blood tests will be available, as always, at our Health Fairs from September to November and from February to May.

For the in-office blood tests, our regular prices apply plus a modest convenience fee of $10 per visit. 

  • Blood Chemistry Screen – 27 panels! – covers infection, anemia, liver disease, clotting ability, kidney and adrenal function, liver function, bone disease, tissue disease and damage, heart function, liver function, muscle function, and coronary heart disease – $45
  • Thyroid Screen – $30
  • Prostate Disease Screen – $25
  • Vitamin D Screen – $50
  • A1C Diabetes – $25
  • Blood Typing – $20

Results mailed to you within 2-3 weeks. VISA, MasterCard, cash & check accepted. Blood testing is available for persons 18 years of age and older. Alaska Health Fair is a nonprofit, serving Alaskans since 1980. Please add us to your Pick.Click.Give donations.
Please share with your friends! Thank you!