As February ushers in the observance of heart health month, we are thrilled to share with you an exciting highlight. Our heart health poem, crafted with love and care last February, has found its way into the pages of a national publication, FYI50Plus.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our friends at FYI50Plus for spotlighting this vital health issue.

In celebration of this spontaneous collaboration and in observance of heart health month, we invite you to revisit the poem from February 2022 below. We also encourage you to visit our colleagues at FYI50Plus and dive into a world of engaging content, insightful articles, and community stories that resonate with the 50+ community and beyond:

Have an enjoyable read and a heart-healthy February!

Heart health is our goal each day,

To keep it strong in every way.

Know your risks and make a plan

So you can lower them as much as you can.

Blood pressure is the force of the heart,

Make sure it’s checked for a new start.

Foods for the heart should be chosen with care,

Fruits and vegetables, whole grains to share.

Salt and saturated fat we must keep in check,

And exercise to help us stay fit and in spec.

Stress and smoking can take their toll,

But we can manage them and keep our hearts whole.

Regular screenings are key to a healthy heart,

So we can catch any problem from the start.

Protect your heart and be aware,

And you’ll have a heart that’s strong and fair.