Our agency takes an extended break twice a year – after each active and heavy-duty health fair season. We do this to provide our few paid staff, plus our dedicated and cherished volunteers, a longer period to take their own vacations. These breaks have become even more important as we’ve worked almost non-stop through the COVID-19 Pandemic. Though we are not offering blood draw dates in July, we are busy closing out the spring season and are very energized and looking forward to the upcoming fall season!

You may have difficulties reaching a staff person at the Anchorage or Fairbanks offices during this time. Our staff is usually in the office for limited hours during these timeframes, and we try to check email, snail mail and voice mail at those times. We appreciate your patience, as it may be a few days before we respond.

The best way to stay informed of dates that might be available for your choosing, is to sign up for our newsletter at www.alaskahealthfair.org – click on this link. You’ll be the first to get the information that includes the new event schedule, blood draw dates for late summer, as well as the fall offerings. You’ll also receive important announcements, agency updates and more.

We wish you a Happy 4th and a wonderful summer!

Yours Truly,
AHF Team + Volunteers