Alaska Health Fair is proud to announce the debut of our new Bone Density Ultrasound Machine; sponsored by the Golden Valley Electric Good Cents Foundation (in Fairbanks).  What is a Bone Density Test?

A bone mineral density (BMD) test can provide a snapshot of your bone health.  The test can identify osteoporosis, determine your risk for fractures (broken bones), and measure your response to osteoporosis treatment.  Peripheral bone density tests measure bone density in the lower arm, wrist, finger or heel.  These tests are often used for screening purposes and can help identify people who might benefit from additional bone density testing.

Our new GE Healthcare, Achilles EXPII Machine uses the heel to determine further testing needs.  We are offering free screenings at the following locations this week and encourage you to stop by at your convenience for a free screen, to find out more about bone health and our new health screening:

  • NSCOA Fairbanks Senior Center at 1424 Moore St., Fairbanks (Monday, January 23, 2017 from 9am-Noon)
  • Project Homeless Connect at JP Jones Community Development Center at 2400 Rickert St., Fairbanks **If you are or know someone who is homeless or near homeless.  (Wednesday, January 25, 2017 from 10am-3pm)
  • North Pole Santa’s Senior Center at 101 E. 6th Ave., North Pole (Thursday, January 26th from 11am-2pm)

With questions please call our Fairbanks office: (907) 374-6853.