We want to express our deepest gratitude for GoodCents ongoing support for the Tanana Valley and Northern Region Program’s dedication to local residents, and Alaska Health Fair’s MISSION to promote statewide health education and preventative screenings; VISION of optimal health for all Alaskans and CORE PURPOSE to promote wellness and save lives.  We were just awarded $6787.00 (the last week of August) for purchasing new health screening equipment.

Our new handheld vision screener will scan children as young as 5 months through adults and print out a result that can be taken to an optometrist or ophthalmologist. The new hearing equipment replaces our older system (which has aged out) and includes a standard electrical screening system (requiring a quiet room) and it also provides a print-out to take to your local audiologist.  Plus, they also sponsored a hand-held battery-powered version that can test all ages anywhere (for certain types of hearing loss and not requiring a quiet room).  The systems have cases that will protect them throughout their travels.  All the equipment will be put to good use this fall and in the coming years, providing free health screenings to the local residents in the Tanana Valley region.

The Good Cents Program does so much good throughout its line of service in the northern region; strongly supporting the work AHF and other non-profits do in their daily seeking to provide services for these communities and the residents who live in these remote &/or rural areas of the state.  Please know that the good we are able to achieve, and the milestones we reach are because programs such as GoodCents do so much good supporting agencies such as ours…  Saying thank you is an understatement!

Sharon K. Phillips
Tanana Valley/Northern Region Program Director