We have been so lucky, blessed, whatever you want to call the generosity we have received from the Goodcents Golden Valley Electric Foundation (over the past many years).  Our Fairbanks (and only satellite) office has applied for and received “partial or full funding” for SIX different projects since early Fall 2013.  Over the years, we have received funding for 1) Public Health Outreach along the GVEA Corridor; 2) Health Education Signage/Banners/Flags; 3) free A1C Blood Test Vouchers; 4) our very popular Bone Density Ultrasound Screening Equipment; 5) free Chemistry/Hematology Blood Test Vouchers; plus most recently 6) sponsorship for three new computers (as we’re using really old systems) and a smart TV that we’ll use for trainings, webinars, teleconferences, etc.

We have placed the Goodcents logo on any equipment the Foundation has helped purchase and regularly recognize them in our print media.  We want visitors to the Fairbanks office; or those attending one of our northern region events to recognize that this generosity from our local electric foundation is REAL and the money is always put to good use for local residents…  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you do for Alaska Health Fair and residents in our northern region; along with the wonderful support that you give other local non-profits!  You are truly appreciated for the “Good Works” that you do &/or cause to be done through your assistance in helping Alaska Health Fair and hard-working agencies like ours to help achieve each individual mission, vision, or core purpose…

Sharon K. Phillips
Tanana Valley/Northern Region Program Director