Hello, Alaska Health Fair community,

Have you ever wanted to become your own health advocate, guided by the most up-to-date knowledge from leading experts? Now is your chance. We’re thrilled to announce a unique opportunity that will enrich your health and wellness journey: the 12th annual Healthy Living lecture series.

Born out of the innovative thinking of UAF Summer Sessions & Lifelong Learning department’s Director, Michelle Bartlett, this free lecture series has been sponsored by Foundation Health Partners (FHP) since 2015. Together, they provide a platform for free health education that empowers our community.

This summer, a wide array of intriguing and essential health topics awaits you. Here’s the complete list of lectures you won’t want to miss:

– June 6: “Improving Alaskans’ Health: Statewide and In Your Neighborhood” by Alaska’s Chief Medical Officer, Anne Zink, MD, and Pediatrics Specialist, Mishelle Nace, MD.

– June 13: “Making Sense of Hearing Health in 2023” by Audiologist, Lily Hughes, AUD.

– June 20: “Forgetfulness: When Should I be Concerned?” by Naturopathic Physician, Scott Luper, ND.

– June 27: “A Systematic Approach to Considering a Cancer Diagnosis in 2023” by Oncologist, Andrew Cox, MD.

– July 11: “The Art of Simulating Health Disasters and the Science of Response” by Lori Gilbertoni, RN.

– July 18: “Aging in Place: A Plan for ‘The Future You’ in Fairbanks” by Beth Grey, Project Manager, Aging and Disability Resource Center, Fairbanks Senior Center.

– July 25: “Senior Living Choices in Fairbanks As We Age” by Vickie Wilson, Former Director, Division of The Alaska Pioneers Homes.

– August 1: “Determining Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease” by Romel Wrenn, MD, Cardiologist.

– August 8: “Lifestyle as Medicine” by Sally Mangum, DO, Internist.

– August 15: “A Whirlwind of Allergy: From Pollen to Pot Roast” by Anthony Bonitatibus, MD, Allergist.

Each session promises to deliver valuable insights and practical advice that you can incorporate into your daily life. The Healthy Living lecture series is not just about expanding your knowledge—it’s about empowering you to take control of your health and wellbeing.

Every Tuesday at 7 PM, join us live (parking is convenient and free during summer evenings at UAF) or catch the lectures via livestream from the comfort of your home. More information is available on the [UAF website] https://www.uaf.edu/summer/events/upcoming.php).

Event flyer: https://www.uaf.edu/summer/files/events/2023_Heathy_Living-1.pdf

Livestream: https://media.uaf.edu/media/t/1_j3axdqrl

We’re incredibly excited about this year’s Healthy Living lecture series and encourage all our community members to join in. This is a rare chance to learn from some of the leading minds in healthcare, all free of charge.

Remember to share the news with your friends, family, and colleagues. The ripple effect of health-conscious individuals can make our community stronger and healthier.

Here’s to a summer of knowledge, growth, and healthy living!

Yours in Health,

The Alaska Health Fair, Inc. Team

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