Mike Davidson McDonalds
Due to the overwhelming amount of supplies donated by generous Alaskans, it seems most needs are met right now. We took our last load of supplies to the fire victims on Friday, June 26. We would like to thank the following people and organizations for your donations to the various fire victims: Amanda Wright with Frontier Home Health and Hospice: Anchorage; Pat Abney; Barb Sell; Lindsey Vaughan; Jeannie Thompson; Rev Sara Brown-St Mark Lutheran Church; Bill Thompson; Thomas Hamilton and Donna Lindttees; Joan Adamy; Yvonne Tansill; Carol Does; Karen Dale; JBER Families; Ted Jacobson with EPA Anchorage; ChangePoint Young Adults Group; McDonald’s, Mike Davidson organization; McCullaugh Family; St Mark Lutheran Church; S.T.A.R. (Standing Together Against Rape); Smith, Hall & Derks; Dorthy and Tamiko Matsui; Dixie Hudish; Bob and Betty Lutye; Barbara Cher; Health and Wellness Department of Anchorage Senior Activity Center; Betty Burke; Helga Watterson; Jeremiah and Frances Greene; Fred and Beryl Kring; Darrell Swanson-St Marks’ Lutheran Church; Bernadette DeSantes; Megan Thomas-Providence; Chugiak Senior Center; Anchorage & Valley Radiation Therapy Centers; Life Alaska Donor Services, and the numerous Alaskans who gave generously but didn’t give us their names. During the two weeks of the project, we collected several tons of water, food, clothing and other household items. With online donations, we purchased additional food items, rented a box van, and paid for gas. We would like to thank Midnight Sun Car Rental and U-haul for giving us amazing discounts. We also would like to thank Life-Alaska for their help with deliveries. AHF made a total of 7 trips to deliver the supplies to the fire victims. We thank everyone for their donations and help. It was a beautiful thing to see our community come together like this, to help those in need. Thank you!
Please contact us with any questions or suggestions at ahfair@ak.net.
Original Message:
Alaska Health Fair, Inc. is collecting supplies and donations to help the many families that have lost their homes or have been evacuated. 100% of your donations go to the fire victims; as an agency, we don’t apply overhead. Photo on the right: Staff from Mike Davidson’s McDonalds dropping off meals & more.

How you can help:

Donate items, bring them to our office in Anchorage. We usually make two runs to the area; one in the morning, and another one, in the afternoon. Here’s what’s needed: breakfast bars, individual fruit cups, individual meals such as ravioli, pre-packaged store bought lasagna, juice boxes/pouches, #10 cans of various foods (large cans), foil pans, scrubbers, sponges, and cleaning supplies.

Drop off location:
Alaska Health Fair
720 W. 58th Avenue Unit J,
Anchorage, Alaska 99518
Please call (907) 278-0234 for directions; look for yellow signs as you approach.

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Converting Cash Donations into Food

Make a secure donation by credit card/debit card online, please click the button below:


We look for best deals around town for food and other items to ensure a maximum impact of every donated dollar.

Photo on right: converting cash donations into food and other much-needed items.

Mail us a check – please give us a call so that we know to expect your donation, (907) 278-0234.

On behalf of the displaced families, we thank all the organizations and individuals that donated items and funds to support the relief effort. We would like to thank the following people and organizations for your donations to the various fire victims. Amanda Wright with Frontier Home Health and Hospice: Anchorage, Pat Abney, Barb Sell, Lindsey Vaughan, Jeannie Thompson, Rev Sara Brown-St Mark Lutheran Church, Bill Thompson, Thomas Hamilton and Donna Lindttees, Joan Adamy, Yvonne Tansill, Carol Does, Karen Dale, JBER Families, Ted Jacobson with EPA Anchorage, ChangePoint Young Adults Group, McCullaugh Family, St Mark Lutheran Church, S.T.A.R. Dorthy and Tamiko Matsui, Dixie Hudish, Bob and Betty Lutye, Barbara Cher, Health and Wellness Department of Anchorage Senior Activity Center, Betty Burke, Helga Watterson, Jeremiah and Frances Greene, Fred and Beryl Kring, Darrell Swanson-St Marks’ Lutheran Church, Bernadette DeSantis, Megan Thomas-Providence, Chugiak Senior Center, Anchorage & Valley Radiation Therapy CentersLife Alaska Donor Services and the numerous Alaskans who gave generously but didn’t give us their names. smile emoticon It’s been a great pleasure collecting items and transporting them to our neighbors in need.

Once the fires are under control, we plan to provide you with a comprehensive report on how your donations made a difference.

Photo on right: Harmony and Betty finised loading for an afternoon trip (6/18).Afternoon trip 6-18


Please share with your friends and families. Let’s help our fellow Alaskans.

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Thank you!

The Alaska Health Fair Team and Volunteers