Thank You for Your Support!


For the 2017 cycle, we received $2,675 in Pick.Click.Give donations and for this we are very thankful.

We pledge to use 100% of Pick.Click.Give donations to cover the cost of services for vulnerable populations. We are 100% local and 99.9% volunteer-driven. Every dollar that you give to Alaska Health Fair stays in Alaska and goes directly to services for Alaskans.

  • The first Health Fair for the Homeless and Nearly-homeless took place in Fairbanks – 1/25/17, 10am-3pm, Project Homeless Connect Event; (in partnership with the JP Jones Community Development Center); 2400 Rickert St., Fairbanks, AK. All participants were provided with free comprehensive blood tests.
  • The second Health Fair for the Homeless took place in Anchorage –  2/21/17, 7:45am – 11:30am – Health Fair for ANC Homeless @ Brother Francis Shelter, 1021 E. 3rd Ave, Anchorage, AK, 99501. All participants were provided with free comprehensive blood tests.

More events are being planned.

It’s not too late to add a donation to Alaska Health Fair in your PFD application for 2018. Log into your MyAlaska account ( and click on the green “Add a Pick Click Give Donation” button. Never used Pick.Click.Give before? See this page for frequently asked questions.

We would like to thank the following individuals for their support through Pick.Click.Give in 2017:

Lynne Krizek, Fairbanks
John Bertrand, Caldwell
Richard Losche, Anchorage
Donna Smith, Anchorage
Mary Weiss, Bethel
Walter Van Horn, Anchorage
Kathleen Bailey, Juneau
Debra Baker, Fairbanks
Bernard Burris, Fairbanks
Sally Fries, Anchorage
Hilary Hardwick, Anchorage
Mark Jusczak, Fairbanks
Molly McGrath, Fairbanks
Carol Senette, Anchorage
Craig Stoskopf, Girdwood
Margaret Tileston, Anchorage
Elizabeth Burke, Chugiak
Lois Daubney, Seward
Robert Donohue Boyer, Anchorage
Melinda Evans, Fairbanks
Barbara Hameister, Fairbanks
Susan Holly, Fairbanks
Karen Keddis, Girdwood
Lloyd Korovec, Anchorage
Beverly McClintock, Fairbanks
Hilda Melchior, Fairbanks
Beverly Peterson, Girdwood
Carl Propes, Anchorage
Susan Rogers, Anchorage
Brent Senette, Anchorage
William Updegrove, Bethel
Connie Woolard, Willow
& many Anonymous Supporters

We understand the economy is hard, and the future of the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend is uncertain. In times like this, local nonprofits especially need help, so that they can continue serving the most vulnerable in their communities. Thank you for supporting nonprofits through Pick.Click.Give, thank you for keeping Alaska Health Fair strong and Alaskans – healthy!

Alaska Health Fair Team & Hundreds of Volunteers & Health Educators